Advantages of Using Official OEM Parts

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As vehicles age, drivers often find themselves needing to replace a specific part or component. But some drivers might be wondering: Why use official OEM parts and accessories? Below, we’ve highlighted why it’s typically a better idea to use parts directly from the vehicle’s manufacturer, rather than third-party parts and components.

Quality Control

Typically, drivers won’t be able to get a better quality part than the one made specifically for their model, directly from the vehicle manufacturer. These parts are thoroughly tested to ensure they work as intended, and are the only parts that are guaranteed to match the specifications and functionality that come from factory-made vehicles.

Better Support

On average, drivers who use OEM parts will be able to receive better support for their vehicle, in the event something goes wrong. A notable example of this is warranty coverage. Drivers who replace vehicle parts using official OEM components won’t have to worry about their warranty, while drivers who use third-party parts may not be able to file a warranty claim.

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More Durable

OEM parts also tend to be more durable than their third-party counterparts. Even if the parts look nearly identical, they may not be built using the same materials or construction methods. As a result, OEM parts tend to last longer than parts from unofficial manufacturers. OEM parts are typically designed to resist corrosion and wear, which often isn’t the case for third-party components.

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