Are Winter Tires Worth It?

A snowy path at sunset with birds flying overhead

When winter rolls around and the snow hits the ground, many drivers choose to equip their vehicle with winter tires. But some drivers might be wondering: Are winter tires worth it? What benefits are there to swapping out all-season tires for a set of winter tires? Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know. 

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How Are Winter Tires Different from All-Season Tires? 

As their names suggest, winter tires are optimized for winter driving, while all-season tires are designed to be used year-round. But what makes winter tires different from all-season tires? Winter tires feature unique tread patterns that provide greater grip and traction on icy roads. Winter tires are also made using special rubber compounds, which remain flexible even in extreme cold. 

Snowy road in winter

Are All-Season Tires Okay to Use in Winter? 

All-season tires are okay to use during winter, but they don’t provide the same level of traction and control that winter tires can. While they’re designed to have enough grip over ice and snow to stay safe, drivers will still find themselves sliding more than if they had winter tires equipped. All-season tires also lack the special rubber compounds needed to maintain their flexibility in winter, resulting in worse performance when it gets cold. Because of this, many drivers choose to swap out their all-season tires with winter tires once the snow starts to fall. 

Can I Keep Winter Tires On My Vehicle Year-Round? 

Drivers who are interested in winter tires may want to know if they can just keep their winter tires equipped throughout the year, avoiding the need to swap back to all-season tires. Unfortunately, winter tires are not designed for use in regular road conditions. Because of their specialized design, winter tires will wear down faster when travelling over the dry, warm pavement. When the weather is warm, drivers will experience greater longevity and performance with a set of all-season tires.

Shop for Winter Tires at S&B Keswick Motors Limited

Drivers looking for a new set of tires in the Keswick, Ontario area can shop for winter, all-season, and summer tires right here at S&B Keswick Motors Limited. Located at 475 The Queensway South, our dealership has a wide selection of tires for drivers to choose from. Click here to learn more about our parts department.