When is the Perfect Time to Replace Your Car’s Windshield Wipers?

Windshield wipers cleaning rainwater from the windshield

How Long Do Windshield Wipers Last?

Windshield wipers play a significant role in enhancing visibility through ice, rain, hail, snow, mud and even dirt. Its continuous swish-swish effect helps eliminate unnecessary obstructions, stains and dust particles from the windshield to ensure you drive safely without any distractions. The expert technicians and product specialists at S&B Keswick Motors recommend replacing your car’s windshield wiper blades every six months to a year, or when you notice they are leaving stains on the windshield. Many visible signs inform you about the malfunctioning of your car wiper blades, which include smearing, chattering and squeaking. Continue reading to learn more about these signs advising you to replace your windshield wipers immediately. 

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Top 5 Reasons For Replacing Your Wipers 

Besides everyday wear and tear, there are many reasons that affect the condition and performance of windshield wipers, such as harmful UV rays, damaged wiper squeezes and brittle wiper blades. Below are five top reasons apart from the ones above that may affect the functioning of your vehicle’s wiper blades:

  1. Damaged or Bent Frames: When the metal frame of the wipers is damaged or bent, they fail to clean the windscreen properly, leaving stains, water deposits or marks. Even a slight bend can reduce the efficacy of the wipers, making it difficult for you to drive in heavy downpours or snow. 
  2. Worn-Out Wiper Rubber: Flaws in the wiper rubber are another primary reason to change the wiper blades. If you notice a crack or split on the rubber, it’s time to replace them to have clear visibility during poor weather conditions.
  3. When You Notice Chattering: When you notice that the windscreen wipers are vibrating or skip cleaning some areas on the windshield, this is known as chattering. It may occur when the wipers aren’t used for prolonged periods or during changing seasons when you move from cold to hot temperature and vice versa. 
  4. Signs of Streaking or Smearing: When the windshield wiper blades get damaged or cracked due to extreme cold, scorching heat, winter salt or road grits, it is called streaking. Smearing results when the edge of the wiper becomes blunt or gets rounded due to everyday wear and tear. Smearing and streaking severely affect the performance of windshield wipers, which is why you need to replace them without any delay.  
  5. Season Changes: Even if your windshield wipers are doing fine, replace them during a season change, especially in winter. Because your regular wiper blades may fail to withstand freezing temperatures, they may also wear off quickly or get damaged due to snow or winter salt accumulation on the windscreen. 

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