How to Take Care of Your Car’s Battery in Winter

A man fixing his car's battery
Like many drivers, car batteries are also not a big fan of the winter season as they can run out at inopportune times, especially when the temperature drops below the freezing range. Moreover, with time, the lifespan of your car’s battery naturally deteriorates from internal rusting, making it even more difficult to survive during cold snaps. For the best performance, you must get your vehicle’s battery checked or replaced (if required) to prepare it for the upcoming cold months. Here’re a few tips by the expert technicians at S&B Keswick in Keswick, ON. Take a look!

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1. Go for service 

Bring your car to S&B Keswick’s service centre for proper maintenance to keep it moving during the cold months. A technician will help protect the vehicle’s battery terminals, which become prone to corrosion due to moisture accumulation, with an available battery protectant spray or any other silicone-based product. This is followed by tightening the cables and checking the fluid levels and for any battery leaks to ensure smooth operation. 

2. Testing your car’s battery

Use a multimeter to test the charge of your car’s battery to see how long it can run when the temperature starts to drop. If the charge is below 12.45 volts, you need to charge the battery again to drive out smoothly on winter days. 

3. Opt for Sheltered Parking 

If possible, park your car in an insulated parking area to help avoid a failed start in the morning. When you park your car under an open sky, it becomes susceptible to moisture and contaminants that can affect the functionality of your car’s battery. 

4. Don’t let your car sit idle 

To keep your battery in proper working condition during winter, you must drive your vehicle for at least 10 kilometres a few times a week. It keeps the alternator fresh and replenishes power to ensure the proper functionality of the car battery. This also makes starting the engine easier when you wish to drive out into tougher winter weather. 

5. Keep a jumper cable handy

Add a jumper cable to your winter emergency kit to provide a charge to your car’s battery when stranded away from home and in need.

Schedule a service with the knowledgeable technicians at S&B Keswick to enhance your car’s battery life and condition for the upcoming cold months.