How to Take Care of Your Car Headlights in Winter

car covered in snow
As much as headlights elevate the exterior appearance of your car, they’re also one of the crucial safety features of every vehicle. Headlights promise enhanced visibility on dull and gloomy roads and under poor weather conditions, keeping you safe and protected against potential collisions. During winter, the sudden load of winter salt, heavy snowfall and freezing rain can harm the effectiveness of your car’s headlights. Due to these winter driving conditions, the lens portion of the headlights starts to dull over time, drastically reducing the bulbs’ candlepower and resulting in poor nighttime visibility. If you’ve ever wondered how to solve this problem, follow along to learn some practical tips to take care of your car’s headlights during winter from the experts at S&B Keswick Motors. 

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5 Tips To Maintain Your Headlights This Winter 

  1. Check your headlights before your ride: Make sure to check your car’s headlights before you get behind the wheels. Test the headlights’ high and low beam capacities at full brightness. Remove accumulated winter salt, snow or debris from the glass and thoroughly clean it before you drive it out. 
  2. Replace or repair broken/damaged parts: Swapping all-season or summer tires with snow ones is a basic practice that every car owner follows in Canada. Similarly, you should add another practice to your to-do winter auto maintenance checklist — to replace or repair all the damaged or non-working parts of the headlights, like bulbs. 
  3. Restore your headlights: For this, you should get in touch with the experienced technicians or glass professionals at S&B Keswick, who can fix your blurry headlights like no other. The process involves sanding, sealing and polishing or waxing to keep off debris, dust particles and winter salt from entering the headlights. You can also invest in a headlight restoration kit to clean up foggy headlights at home. 
  4. Use slush-resistant spray or fluids: To keep dust particles, winter salt and slush from damaging the headlight glass, you should use a good quality slush-resistant or surface protectant as a shield. Opt for a liquid-based polishing compound, as it is extremely helpful in protecting headlights against oxidation and harmful UV rays. 
  5. Park your car in a dry space: If possible, park your car in a garage or under shelter in winter, as this helps limit contact with moisture. You can also use a car cover or tarp to blanket your car when you cannot access a covered and dry space.  

For more practical winter auto maintenance tips, contact the experienced technicians and product specialists at S&B Keswick Motors. Our team follows industry-standard practices and OEM recommendations to take care of your vehicles and treat it like their own.