Do You Have a Roadside Emergency Kit in Your Car?

Preparedness allows you to navigate a difficult situation better. Some drivers get lulled by years and years of not suffering any troubles on the road. Then, one day, disaster comes. Don’t find yourself unprepared. Put a decent roadside emergency kit together.

The contents of an emergency kit aren’t anything out of the ordinary. A tarp, blanket, first aid kit, spare phone, engine oil, coolant, and bottled water would be easy things to acquire. And make sure that the spare tire is inflated, and the jack works. The same goes for items that require batteries like an emergency signal radio or flashlight.

If you take part in extreme off-road adventures, then upgrade your emergency kit. Survival food and a tent would be among the many extra items you could pack. Keep weather-specific things on hand, too.

A well-serviced car definitely helps the situation. At S & B Keswick Motors Limited, our service department team handles routine and other maintenance requests. Call them.