Dodge Grand Caravan: fuel efficient and room to haul

The Dodge Grand Caravan has long been valued as a great vehicle to haul around the kids and all of the gear that can go with them. Unfortunately, larger capacity vehicles have been known to slack on fuel efficiency. However, now the Grand Caravan can also be added to the category of fuel efficient, too.

The first design feature to increase the gas mileage is the 17-inch tires. The low resistance design of these tires allow the vehicle to use less fuel to push itself down the road. The transmission has been redesigned to alternate with the engine timing. As a result, shifting points are lowered and less gas is consumed. This conservation mode can be accessed by drivers by pressing the Econ button present on the dashboard of the Grand Caravan.

All of these eco-friendly features have been combined to give the Dodge Grand Caravan a possible 25 mile per gallon on the highway. That's about 500 miles per tank full of gas.