How to Determine Common Car Fluid Leakages

a technician putting oil in a car's engine
Notice a puddle underneath your car? There’s a high chance it’s due to fluid leakage. Fluid leakage is not good for your vehicle’s overall performance, longevity and efficiency, which is why it requires immediate attention. Due to the different components of a vehicle, most drivers fail to identify which one needs their attention in case of fluid leakage. To help you figure out which fluid leak means what, the skilled technicians at S&B Keswick Motors have compiled a list of some of the possible fluid colours that can be seen commonly under your car and what they mean to help you fix the problem as soon as possible, restoring the smooth operation of your vehicle. Take a look!

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Identify Common Fluid Leaks by Colours

  • Clear fluid: This signifies either water or gas leakages. You may not need to worry if it’s water leakage because it mainly occurs due to condensation draining from the air conditioning system. But if it’s gas, it requires prompt action, including taking the vehicle to a service centre or mechanic. 
  • Red or brown fluid: Power steering fluid, automatic transmission fluid or, in general, hydraulic fluids are mainly red or a similar shade. So, if you see anything like that underneath your vehicle, it is due to a power steering malfunction or transmission issue, demanding a thorough inspection.  
  • Blue fluid: Windshield washer fluid is commonly found in a blue colour. Though leaking windshield fluid is not a major concern, you should get it fixed at your earliest convenience. 
  • Black or light brown fluid: When there is an issue with the engine, you will notice a black or light brown puddle under the vehicle. This mainly occurs when the motor oil gets old or collects dirt and debris during combustion and fails to lubricate the engine and its components. Any engine malfunction requires urgent attention, so identify the fluid colour and take the necessary steps to restore your car’s performance and efficiency. 

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