DIY Hacks: How to Remove Car Bumper Dents at Home

A small dent on a car's rear bumper
A low-level accident, parking mishap or fallen branches make car bumpers susceptible to dents. In fact, no matter how alert or informed you’re on the road, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually dent your bumper at some point. Front and rear bumper dents are no big deal; you can take the small ones out at home with some tried and tested do-it-yourself hacks. Wanting to know these DIY tips? Follow along as the experts at S&B Keswick take you through some of the easiest ways you can pull at home, using your household tools to remove minor car dents or dings. 

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Some DIY Tips To Remove Bumper Dents at Home

  • Cup plunger: Besides helping you get rid of clogged drains, a cup plunger works exceptionally well to remove small to medium-sized bumper dents in no time. Just pour some hot water on the dent, as well as the plunger, to create a vacuum. Push and pull the plunger as required to get the dent fixed. 
  • Boiling water: This is your best friend to eliminate car dents, especially when you have plastic bumpers. Plastic is flexible, so pouring hot water on and around a plastic bumper lets you push the dent back in. 
  • Hair dryer: It works the same as boiling water to heat the bumper and make it flexible to push the dent back into its place. Pair a hair dryer with an air compressor to exert pressure on the dent when the plastic expands due to heat, allowing it to return to its shape. 
  • Vacuum cleaner: You don’t need expensive dent pullers when you can make one at home with your vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is add a pot or bucket to the vacuum tube with the help of tape or adhesive, and the suction from this DIY dent puller will help you get rid of medium to big dents from your car bumpers.  

Get Help From S&B Keswick’s Skilled Technicians 

Not sure whether you can pull off these DIY tips at home? Don’t worry, as you can reach out to the experienced technicians at S&B Keswick Motors, who can help you remove car bumper dents quickly. Visit our website or showroom at 475 The Queensway South, Keswick, ON, to schedule a service appointment, today!