How to Keep Your Car Cool in Summer

A sunsetWhile many drivers view summer as the perfect time to take their vehicle out for a drive, others find it hard to deal with the heat inside their cabin. Fortunately, there are many ways for drivers to stay cool and comfortable in their vehicle, even during the hottest days of summer. Below, we’ve compiled a few tips and strategies to help you and your passengers keep cool inside your vehicle. 

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Park in the Shade

Parking in the shade is one of the easiest ways for drivers to keep their vehicles cool in the summer. The more contact your car has with direct sunlight, the more heat will be absorbed and trapped inside the cabin. This is especially true if your vehicle has a dark-coloured interior or exterior, which will draw in more heat than lighter colours. By parking in the shade, or in an enclosed structure like a garage, drivers won’t have to worry about the sun’s impact on their cabin’s temperature. 

View of the sun on a cloudy day

Use Sunshades, Window Visors, and Dash Covers

Unfortunately, finding a shady spot to park your vehicle isn’t always possible. Thankfully, putting up a sunshade, window visor, or dash cover is a convenient alternative. These accessories block sunlight from making direct contact with the vehicle’s interior surfaces, keeping them cool and the cabin comfortable. 

Keep the Windows Open Slightly

By leaving their vehicle’s windows cracked slightly open, drivers can keep their vehicle ventilated with a steady airflow. This prevents captured heat from building up inside the cabin and allows it to escape as the wind passes through the vehicle. Naturally, drivers should still keep their windows closed enough so that their vehicle remains secure from others. 

Open the Doors Before Driving

If you and your passengers aren’t in a rush, consider opening the vehicle’s doors and waiting for the heat to escape before heading into your vehicle. Within a few minutes, the hot air trapped inside the vehicle should be able to escape, and cooler air will have an opportunity to make its way into the vehicle. 

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