How to Ensure Optimum Performance of Your Car’s Air Conditioning System?

Interior of the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee
While the temperature starts to soar outside in Ontario, the last thing you want is to be without a properly functioning air conditioning system while driving on warm summer days. In summer, travelling with a malfunctioned A/C can be challenging, exhaustive and uncomfortable for both the driver and passengers. This is why air conditioning maintenance should be on your end-of-winter season maintenance list. A yearly inspection, especially during the start of spring or summer, helps you figure out any leaking refrigerant, clogged air filters, malfunctioning blower fan and other problems. Follow along to learn some practices and expert-recommended tips to ensure the optimum performance of your vehicle’s air conditioning system from the highly experienced technicians at S&B Keswick Motors

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Top 5 Tips for Car A/C Maintenance

1. Clean or Replace the Cabin Air Filters

Like many components in your car, the air conditioning system also picks up dirt, debris, moisture and winter salt after being off throughout the winter season. This can clog the air filters, which limits the airflow and affects the system’s efficiency, making it significant for you to clean or replace (if required) the cabin air filters to ensure that the air conditioning system runs properly during hot summer days. 

2. Deep Clean Your Car

This should top your end-of-winter season maintenance list because a deeply cleaned car can do wonders, especially during differing weather conditions. Keeping off dirt, dust particles, accumulated winter salt, moisture, and debris not only increases the efficiency of the A/C but also adds to the lifespan of the cabin air filters. This also includes clearing off dirt or residue from the condenser to maximize airflow. 

3. Use the Defrost Mode

During the initial days of using your car’s A/C after winter, make sure to run it on defrost mode for at least 10 minutes at the maximum fan speed and on the coolest temperature setting. This will keep the compressor running for longer, as well as maintain gas pressure. Moreover, it will also help you clean out the moisture and dirt that has been set around the cabin air filters. 

4. Look for Any Leaks, Cracks and Damages 

While removing dust and dust particles from the air conditioning system, you can easily identify any damages, leaks and cracks. In fact, if the A/C is blowing warm air or making a clicking noise, there is the possibility of leakage or crack in the system, which needs to be fixed immediately. 

5. Visit a Service Department

Head to S&B Keswick Motors’s service department to get your car’s air conditioning system fixed by our highly experienced and trained technicians. Our team of technicians uses only the industry standard practices and OEM recommendations to inspect your A/C system to find any damages or leakages and/or to replace air filters (if required). We work diligently to provide the best services to maintain the proper functioning of all your vehicle’s systems. 

Feel free to visit our website or showroom to learn more about our wide range of certified services.