How to Keep Your Car Doors from Locking During Freezing Cold Winters

A car covered in snow
Due to unpredictable winter weather in Ontario, car owners come across many problems, including broken heaters, malfunctioning powertrain and frozen car doors. These problems mainly occur when you park your vehicles in the open, especially during freezing rains, winter storms and extreme snowfalls. Though you may need a professional’s help to get rid of some of these severe problems, a few, like the freezing shut car doors, can be fixed by keeping in mind a number of expert tips, a little know-how and preparation. The highly knowledgeable technicians at S&B Keswick have outlined five very effective tips below that help prevent your car doors from locking in extreme winter. Follow along!

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5 Tips to Prevent Frozen Car Doors 

  1. Layering Your Car with Protective Coating: Using an oil coating, rubbing alcohol or protective lubricant on your car door frames, windows, car hood or cargo bed can help access all these entry points more conveniently and smoothly during extreme cold weather. You can opt for silicone spray lubricants or rubber conditioners to coat your car, as these options are gentle on your vehicle’s exterior. 
  2. Check Weather Forecast Often: Make sure to check the weather before planning an outdoor trip or parking your car out in the open during the winter months. It’s not always possible to find a parking spot with a shelter, so you should invest in a car tarp or cover to minimize moisture accumulation around your door locks. 
  3. Check the Condition of Rubber Seals or Gaskets: During your winter auto maintenance routine, or in general, look for any damage or gaps on your car doors’ rubber seals or gaskets, especially along the door edges. If you notice anything unusual, like missing rubber seals, get in touch with the technicians at S&B Keswick Motors to get it fixed immediately. 
  4. Try Keeping the Doors Unlocked: As much as it may sound a bit risky, this hack works best when you don’t have access to sheltered parking in winter. To keep the doors slightly open and prevent them from locking, you can put duct tape on the door locks or cover the vehicle with a plastic cover or tarp. 
  5. Use a hair dryer: This may not be as effective as the others, but worth giving a try. Use the hair dryer to blow warm air on the frozen door locks and edges. Keep trying for a good amount of time until you notice a positive result.

Getting stuck with an automobile problem during winter can be frustrating, which is why you should get in touch with the expert technicians at S&B Keswick, ON, to learn some practical and tested winter auto maintenance tips