Mandatory Auto Services To Get Before A Road Trip

2024 Chrysler Pacifica

Top 5 Auto Services to Get Before a Summer Road Trip 

Ready to hit the road this summer and explore some scenic vistas? But, is your car ready, too? As much as you need some prep before going on a road trip, your car needs some preparation as well, ensuring you enjoy an uninterrupted, seamless journey through and through. At S&B Keswick, we’re not just a dealership; we’re a team of dedicated professionals helping you have a smooth and unforgettable road trip, by suggesting some must-have auto services. These services, such as a thorough vehicle inspection, fluid and filter inspection, tire maintenance, brake system service, and lighting system maintenance, will ensure your vehicle’s reliability and performance and give you peace of mind on your road trip. Take a look! 

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1. Schedule a Thorough Vehicle Inspection

Bring your vehicle to S&B Keswick’s service centre, where our industry-trained technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the engine, battery, fluid levels, tires, and brakes. This meticulous check will ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition, preventing any unexpected issues during your journey. Our aim is to provide you with a worry-free road trip experience.

2. Fluid and Filter Inspection

Before you set off, check your car’s fluid levels and filters. Check whether the transmission fluid, coolant, engine oil and brake fluid are at the optimum levels to ensure smooth operation. Similarly, make sure to get the cabin and air filters cleaned and replaced to enjoy a comfortable and relaxed ride. 

3. Tire Maintenance

Your tires should be in top condition because they’re what literally keeps you going on a road trip. Check the tire pressure and, if need be, get them rotated for optimum balance and improved handling. Also, inspect any signs of wear and tear to get them fixed beforehand. Ignoring tire maintenance can lead to uneven wear, poor traction, and even blowouts, which can be dangerous and costly to fix on the road.

4. Brake System Service

You can’t compromise on your car’s brakes when you’re out because they’re your lifeline on the road. The technicians at S&B Keswick can inspect the brake pads, brake fluid and rotors and prepare them for your journey. 

5. Lighting System Maintenance

Ensure your car’s exterior lights and signals, including headlights, turn lights, taillights, DRLs and brake lights, are in proper working conditions to remain safe on the road. Poor visibility and communication with other drivers may lead to potential road threats. 

Get Ready for a Road Trip with S&B Keswick

Embark confidently on a safe road trip by getting all the above auto services at S&B Keswick Motors. To book a service appointment, visit our dealership or call us at 844-966-0734 today!