How to Remain Safe While Driving at Night

A car in a road tunnel at night
Night driving is often more challenging than driving during the day. Poorly lit roads, extreme darkness and headlight glare are some common factors that decrease visibility on the road at night, consequently making it unsafe for drivers to drive at night and can increase the likelihood of severe on-road hazards/accidents. We’ve put together some tested tips that you can utilize to remain safe on the road while driving at night. Follow along as the expert technicians and automobile experts at S&B Keswick Motors take you through some easy-to-follow ones. 

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5 Tips for Safe Driving at Night

  1. Use your high beams smartly: When travelling through low-light areas, high beams are your friend, significantly brightening the road ahead. But when there’s oncoming traffic, be cognizant of flipping them on and off to avoid blinding the other driver. 
  2. Follow all road rules and signals: Drivers often avoid following traffic rules, assuming less traffic at night, eventually making them more susceptible to accidents. Always follow proper road rules and signals for maximum safety, irrespective of the time.
  3. Know Your Route: Avoid travelling new routes at night, as you may not be aware of any sharp turns on the road, making driving difficult. You may also avoid two-lane highways at night, as you can easily get blinded by the oncoming traffic.
  4. Watch Your Speed: Understand that in darker road conditions, you can often only see as far as your headlights, so driving more cautiously is the most appropriate measure you can take to remain and keep everyone safe on the road. Moreover, going slow gives you enough time and space to make an emergency stop.
  5. Keep Up With Your Car Maintenance: Driving safely has a lot to do with a properly maintained vehicle, which is why you should always keep your headlights, daytime running lights, fog lamps, taillights, brake lights, windshield, as well as engine in good running condition.

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As mentioned above, a properly maintained vehicle can help you remain safe from potential on-road threats. Schedule a service appointment with the experienced technicians at S&B Keswick Motors, as we follow the best industry practices and OEM recommendations to ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle.