Should Drivers Buy Summer Tires?

Close-up on a summer tire

Many drivers know about the importance of winter tires but remain unaware of the benefits of equipping their vehicle with a high-quality set of summer tires. Wondering what the differences are between all-season and summer tires? Interested in seeing if summer tires are right for your vehicle? Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about summer tires. 

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How Are Summer Tires Different Than All-Season Tires?

All-season tires, as their name implies, are designed to be used year-round. While they have an adequate amount of traction for every type of driving condition, they don’t excel in any one area in terms of traction or performance. Summer tires, on the other hand, provide less traction than all-season or winter tires, but enhance the vehicle’s speed, cornering, and braking for a better driving experience. 

Summer tires put more rubber in contact with the road surface than other tire types, allowing for greater performance and handling. Attentive tire shoppers will notice that summer tires feature less grooving than their all-season and winter counterparts. The treads are also shallower, providing the vehicle with more stability while accelerating. 

Rural road in summer

When Should I Switch to Summer Tires?  

Drivers who don’t use all-season tires typically swap between summer and winter tires throughout the year. All-season tire users who are thinking of making the switch may be wondering: When’s the best time to swap to summer tires? Typically, experts say 7 degrees Celsius is the time to change your tires. Once temperatures start to consistently stay above 7 degrees Celsius in the spring, drivers should switch to their summer tires. Similarly, once temperatures start to regularly reach below 7 degrees Celsius in the fall, drivers should equip their winter tires. 

Are Summer Tires Right for Me? 

Drivers who value performance and sporty driving will appreciate the enhancements provided by summer tires. However, drivers who are reluctant to swap between summer and winter tires every year will likely be happier with all-season tires. Summer tires are ideal for performance-oriented drivers, who want to experience the full potential of their vehicle’s speed and handling. 

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