How To Get Your Car Ready For Spring

2024 Chrysler Pacifica

Top 4 Expert-Recommended Spring Auto Maintenance Tips 

As winter starts to lose its icy grip and spring arrives, now is the perfect time to pay attention to your vehicle and get spring auto maintenance. Everything, from the powertrain system to the battery, works harder during the cold months. To ease the different parts and systems of your vehicle and prepare them for the warm season ahead, you need to get it spring-ready with a thorough inspection, detailed cleaning, and other spring essential auto maintenance services. Continue reading to learn expert-recommended tips and know-how of spring auto maintenance to prepare yourself to enjoy improved efficiency and superior ride comfort. 

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  1. Swap tires: When the temperatures start to stay around 7°C or above, it’s the perfect time to switch back to your all-season or summer tires. Always make sure to look for any tread wear or damage on the tires to replace them with new ones. 
  2. Change air filters: Spend some time with your car’s air and cabin filter, clearing off any residues, dirt and dust, and replace if need be. Clogged air filters may affect the functioning and efficiency of your car’s air conditioning system. Moreover, it can also limit the airflow to the engine, which can result in poor engine performance. 
  3. Battery check: Car batteries work harder in winter, mainly because they lose their charge quickly when temperatures drop. Moreover, winter salt accumulation and moisture make them susceptible to corrosion and rust. Make sure to check your battery to avoid last-minute hiccups on your spring/summer adventures. 
  4. Check the engine: Driving in extreme winter conditions can damage your engine, so you need to get it checked before the start of the spring or summer season. Inspect the engine belts for cracks, loosening, or fraying, and check the rubber hoses for leaks and damage. 

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