How to Avoid Overheating Your Engine

Car with its hood upTop 4 Tips to Prevent Engine Overheating 

As the temperature starts to rise and warm weather draws closer, it is important to remember that warm weather can cause the car engine to overheat. Some of the main causes of engine overheating are leaking coolants, damaged/broken car water pumps, coolant temperature sensor failure, and exhaustive use of the air conditioning system — all of which severely affect the engine and the overall vehicle performance. To ensure you enjoy stress-free spring or summer driving, the experienced automobile professionals at S&B Keswick Motors have outlined below some tried and tested tips to help you prevent your vehicle from overheating. Take a look!

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  • Regularly check the coolant levels: The most effective way for drivers to ensure their vehicle doesn’t overheat during the hot months is to make sure their vehicle has enough coolant. Drivers can check their vehicle’s coolant level by opening the hood and locating the coolant reservoir. If the engine coolant is low, add more until it reaches the level shown on the reservoir’s indicator lines.
  • Get your radiator flushed: Over time, engine coolant becomes dirty and loses its effectiveness, which is why you should get your car radiator’s coolant flushed and replaced with a new coolant. This process will also remove any debris or external contaminants from the radiator. 
  • Replace old car batteries: Aged car batteries struggle to provide the vehicle with adequate power and put extra stress on the engine, which results in overheating. This is why the expert technicians at S&B Keswick recommend drivers replace their vehicle’s battery after three years. 
  • Routine maintenance: To avoid severe car problems like engine overheating, it is recommended that you never miss a service appointment, which thoroughly examines each part/system of the vehicle to ensure they work correctly and are in top condition. 

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