Must-Buy Winter Accessories For a Safe and Easy Drive this Winter

a car's windshield half covered with a windshield cover
Car owners need to take care of many things in order to enjoy a comfortable winter drive. From scheduling routine winter auto maintenance to swapping tires, caring for your vehicle during this challenging time can be stressful and tedious. While in the winter auto maintenance process, many car owners often overlook the importance of getting their cars some well-thought-out winter accessories that add comfort and convenience to your drive. Follow along to learn more about the top five winter car accessories recommended by the experts at S&B Keswick that you must consider adding to your car this winter. 

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Top 5 Must-Buy Winter Accessories

  1. All-season floor mats and cargo liners: these work efficiently to protect your car floor and cargo area against winter salt, snow, dirt and debris. 
  2. Remote engine start: this accessory is a blessing in cold winter, as it helps remotely start your engine from a distance, as well as automatically pre-heat the cabin, ensuring you are always welcome with a warm and cozy cabin when you are ready to hit the roads.
  3. Emergency road kit: no one can be as good a travel companion as an emergency kit in winter. This kit consists of all the possible items or accessories — like snacks, jumper cables, extra batteries, phone charger, first-aid and flashlights — you may need while stranded on the road and waiting for roadside assistance under challenging winter conditions.
  4. Windshield cover: a good-quality windshield cover protects your car windshield against snow buildup and frosting. You can simply pull off the cover when you’re ready to go, eliminating the hassle of scraping ice from your windshield every time after heavy snowfall or a snowstorm.
  5. Tire pressure gauges and inflators: when exposed to cold temperatures, your car tires tend to lose pressure. This is why you must invest in a tire pressure gauge to regularly check that all wheels have the right PSI as per your vehicle’s specifications. And, if need be, you can inflate the tires a little extra using a portable inflator. 

You can shop for these winter accessories for your Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles at S&B Keswick Motors in Keswick, ON. If you have any questions about any of these products, feel free to stop by our parts and accessories and speak with one of our factory-trained product experts.