Top Safety Features of Modern Chrysler, Jeep, Ram and Dodge Vehicles

Safety features of the 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe
The new-age vehicles from top brands like Chrysler, Jeep, Ram and Dodge are thoughtfully designed to deliver equal amounts of luxury, comfort, power and performance. They are impeccably engineered to conquer every road you travel without compromising entertainment, connectivity, assistance, and, most importantly, safety. All the cars, SUVs, crossovers, pickup trucks and minivans from these brands prioritize occupants’ safety with their comprehensive suite of active and intelligent safety systems and driver-assistance technologies. The experts at S&B Keswick Motors have outlined below some top safety features you must look forward to while shopping for a new Chrysler, Ram, Jeep or Dodge. Take a look! 

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1. Park-Sense Rear Park Assist System

The Park-Sense Rear Park Assist system is paired with a ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera to help you reverse, park or, in general, maneuver the vehicle through challenging or confined spaces confidently. With the help of built-in cameras and sensors, the system showcases a wide-angle view of the rear of the vehicle on the standard or available touchscreen display to guide you through the tricky passage, as well as alert you when you move closer to a nearby object. 

2. Adaptive Cruise Control

This is a hands-free driver-assistance technology that delivers drivers peace of mind on the road by maintaining a safe following speed and distance from the following vehicle on compatible and undivided highways and roads across the city. Moreover, it automatically adjusts the speed and can apply braking if needed in tricky road situations. 

3. 360-degree Surround View Camera 

With the help of built-in lenses and sensors, the 360-degree surround view camera showcases a comprehensive image of the vehicle’s surroundings on the given display to help drivers be mindful of the oncoming traffic from both behind and sides, avoiding unwanted collisions. 

4. Forward Collision Warning

Paired with Active Braking, the Forward Collision Warning system prompts alerts if it detects a potential collision ahead or when you’re approaching the vehicle ahead of you too quickly. The system provides active braking assistance to help your vehicle slow down and stop to prevent unwanted accidents. 

5. Family-First Safety Features

Along with protecting you from various on-road threats, vehicles like the Chrysler Grand Caravan also ensure maximum in-vehicle safety by creating a healthier and safer cabin space for everyone aboard. It features a deep-tinted sunscreen glass that shields you from harmful UV rays, as well as restricts 95% of air particulates like allergens, pollens and bacteria from entering the cabin. 

Besides these safety and driver-assistance features, there are many other intelligently designed safety systems that modern vehicles like the Jeep Gladiator, Ram 1500, Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Durango embrace to keep you and your family safe on the road. To learn more about them, visit S&B Keswick Motors to get in touch with our highly knowledgeable product experts, today!