Why Do You Need Transmission System Service?

A technician fixing a car's engine problem
Your car’s transmission system acts as the medium that transfers the power generated by the engine to all four wheels via its mechanical system. Thus, it is extremely important to pay attention to the transmission system, as it also contributes to fuel economy and mileage. This is why you need routine transmission system service to make sure the engine works properly. Read on to learn more from the experts at S&B Keswick Motors about the transmission system and why you should get it serviced often to continue to enjoy seamless engine performance. 

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Why is Transmission System Service So Important?

To make sure the transmission system performs its job efficiently and effectively, within it you have transmission fluid, which lubricates, cleans and keeps the different internal parts cool from high temperatures, ensuring the engine runs smoothly for longer. The transmission fluid also prevents friction and engine overheating that occurs due to metal-to-metal rubbing or grinding. Over time, the transmission fluid gets contaminated and dirty, which consequently affects the performance of the transmission system. This is why you need routine transmission service where expert technicians like the ones we have at S&B Keswick, diagnose the problem, clean the system and replace the oil to restore the engine’s performance and ensure longevity. 

What Are the Most Common Transmission Fluid Breakdown Signs?

You can determine whether your vehicle needs a transmission service by keeping the following transmission fluid breakdown signs:

  • Fluid discolouration and burnt-like-smelling fluid 
  • Check engine light indication 
  • Delayed gear shifting 
  • Heavy or rough gear change 
  • Experiencing whining or grinding sounds while driving
  • Poor vehicle acceleration 
  • Leaking fluid

Book a Transmission Service at S&B Keswick 

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