Visit S & B Keswick Motors Limited to Experience the Safety Features on the Chrysler 300

There are features on an automobile that you just need to experience in order to appreciate. This is the case for the Chrysler 300. You will find that this is a popular luxury sedan that has quite a bit to offer the modern driver. The technology built into the car will make the drive safe and comfortable on the whole.

The adaptive cruise control is always helpful. This is a way to be more comfortable while driving on the highway, knowing that the car will do the braking for you as needed. As you get closer to the car in front of you, the 300 will slow down automatically on your behalf.

You will also be able to park much easier with the Park and Assist feature available on the Chrysler 300. You will be alerted as you are parking if another object or vehicle is too close to you. This helps you to get into some pretty tight spaces when needed. S & B Keswick Motors Limited would love to invite you down for a test drive of the Chrysler 300.