What Should You Do When Your Vehicle Fails To Start in the Winter?

A Dodge Challenger on a snow-covered road
Out of many, one challenge that is common to most drivers in winter is experiencing problems with starting their vehicle. Cold weather is generally harsh on your car’s engine and battery, which is mostly why your vehicle fails to start during cold months. As this is a common problem, it can be dealt with easily with some planning and by following some tested tips outlined below by the expert technicians at S&B Keswick Motors, along with how cold weather affects your vehicle. Read below!

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Tips to Start Your Car Hassle-Free in Cold Temperatures

If your vehicle is having trouble starting in winter, don’t panic! Just follow the expert tips below, ensuring you get going again without much hassle or difficulty:

  • Get your car serviced right at the start of the winter season so that the experienced technicians can examine the battery, the engine, check the fluid levels and perform other necessary auto inspections to fix all the minor and major issues ahead, ensuring you enjoy your winter driving stress-free. 
  • If possible, park your car under a shed or a covered parking spot. Parking your vehicle indoors keeps it warm, which eventually helps the engine start more quickly. It will also prevent the essential car fluids like engine oil, brake fluid and coolant from thickening, keeping the car lubricated and resulting in quicker engine start. 
  • When parking or not in use, make sure that all the electric components of your vehicle, like heater, radio, headlights and interior ambient lights, are turned off so they don’t pull the energy/charge from the battery unnecessarily. This way, you can use the charge efficiently to start the engine. 
  • Try to keep the tank of your vehicle at least half full during cold weather because, with a low amount of gas, condensation can sit in the fuel tank or get into the fuel lines, which, consequently, prevents the gas from getting into the engine and failing to start it. 

For more such tips, stay tuned with the knowledgeable technicians at S&B Keswick Motors, who have years of experience in taking care of your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles.