When Should an Engine Air Filter Be Replaced?

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An important yet often overlooked part of vehicle maintenance is making sure the vehicle’s engine air filter is replaced once it gets clogged. Wondering when the best time to replace an engine air filter is? Below, we’ve broken down everything drivers need to know about engine air filter replacement, including recommended replacement intervals. 

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What is an Engine Air Filter? 

An engine air filter is a protective guard that prevents particles and debris like dirt, dust, and sand from entering a vehicle’s engine compartment. While these filters do a great job of keeping your vehicle’s mechanical systems free of outside contaminants, they become dirty and clogged over time. Because of this, automotive service professionals recommend drivers stop in at regular intervals to have their filters swapped out with new one. 

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How Often Should I Get My Engine Air Filter Replaced? 

While your vehicle’s owner’s manual may have more detailed and accurate information regarding engine air filter replacement intervals, the rule of thumb is to get it replaced every 48,000 to 72,000 kilometres. However, drivers who regularly travel over dirty or dusty off-road trails and side roads may want to consider getting their filters swapped more frequently, as these travel conditions will result in a shorter engine air filter lifespan. 

Signs of a Dirty or Clogged Engine Air Filter 

Wondering if your engine air filter needs to be replaced? Fortunately, symptoms of a dirty filter tend to be easily identified. If the filter is dirty, the lack of airflow making its way through the filter will result in problems with the vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. 

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