Why Do Cabin Air Filters Need to Be Replaced?

2022 Dodge Durango interior

At S&B Keswick Motors Limited, we work with vehicle owners to ensure their vehicle stays in great shape. Unfortunately, many drivers neglect common maintenance services, such as cabin air filter replacements. We often hear drivers ask: Why do cabin air filters need to be replaced? What happens if I keep using my old filter? To help drivers understand the importance of filter swapping, we’ve put together a comprehensive breakdown of the subject below. 

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What Is a Cabin Air Filter?

The cabin air filter is an internal component found in modern vehicles. As its name suggests, it is a filter (often made of multi-fiber paper) that keeps dirt, dust, and debris from getting into the cabin through the HVAC system. These filters not only improve the air quality of the cabin, but keeps the interior clean as well. Typically, cabin air filters are located right behind the vehicle’s dashboard, though some are accessed under the vehicle’s hood. 

2022 Dodge Durango dashboard

Why Do Cabin Air Filters Need Replacing? 

Much like your vehicle’s engine air filter, the cabin air filter won’t last forever. As the filter gets clogged with collected debris and dirt, it will be less effective at filtering out external contaminants. The cabin’s air quality will suffer, and more dirt and dust will accumulate inside the vehicle. 

This is especially problematic for passengers with seasonal allergies, as more pollen will be allowed to enter the cabin. In severe cases, drivers may notice a strange odor coming from their HVAC system due to the built-up dirt. While a dirty cabin air filter won’t damage the vehicle, it’ll certainly result in a less comfortable experience for the driver and passengers alike. 

How Often Should Drivers Replace Their Cabin Air Filter?

Many automotive service specialists suggest drivers get their cabin air filter replaced every 24,000 kilometres. While this is a perfect baseline suggestion for the average driver, there are reasons why drivers should consider changing the filter more frequently. Drivers who regularly take their vehicle off-road, live in a city with poor air quality, or often travel down unpaved roads will go through filters faster than the average driver. 

Drivers in and around Keswick, Ontario can trust the service team at S&B Keswick Motors Limited with their cabin air filter replacements. Interested in scheduling an appointment with our trustworthy and friendly team of automotive experts? Book a service appointment right here on the S&B Keswick website. Have any questions for us? Give our service centre a call at (844) 510 – 1513 to speak with one of our team members.