Why Modern Trucks Are More Fuel-Efficient Than You Think

2022 Ram 1500

These days, most drivers take fuel efficiency into serious consideration when purchasing a vehicle. However, sky-high gas prices aren’t the only factor here. Most modern drivers are hyper-aware of the negative impact owning one or more vehicles can have on their carbon footprint. This leaves shoppers who require a pickup truck for their lifestyle feeling a bit condemned due to the pickup’s poor reputation for fuel efficiency. The good news is that modern pickup trucks are actually more eco-friendly than ever before and only getting better. Here’s a breakdown of why we should be reexamining the pickup truck from the team here at S&B Keswick!    

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How Did We Get Here? 

Pickup trucks have received a bad rep for decades due to sociologically-driven advertising that centred on power over efficiency. Beginning in the late 1970s, marketing experts (especially in North America where pickup truck is so popular) recognized a correlation between feeling powerful and feeling secure. This translated into targeted, trickle-down advertising campaigns tailored toward young men (the majority of drivers at the time) on the verge of building careers and starting families. 

2022 Ram 1500

At the time, this kind of campaign made all the sense in the world considering the rising popularity of domestic (non-working) trucks, lower gas prices, and our incomplete understanding of the global warming crisis. However, as the years passed, other sociological factors and a shifting economy changed the auto industry landscape. Suddenly, having the biggest gas guzzler on the block became something impractical and unnecessary rather than a sign of security, competence, and masculinity.

Don’t Judge a Book… 

In reality, the pickup truck is still just as necessary for many drivers and more practical than ever before. Auto manufacturers have come a long way since popularising the domestic pickup truck in the 70s and 80s. Modern trucks are far more fuel efficient and only getting more so. Crucial new fuel regulatory standards made by the federal government and the EPA have challenged truck manufacturers to make great strides in this department. Innovations like more efficient diesel powertrains, fuel-sipping technology, adaptive drive modes, and hybrid options have made a huge difference. We also know much more about how fuel is consumed and more ways to improve this process.

Which Trucks Are the Most Fuel Efficient?

If you’re looking for a pickup truck that’s powerful, practical, and fuel-efficient, here are some things to take into consideration…

Is it aerodynamic? A sleek design, lower ground clearance, and smaller gaps between components will do far more to improve your fuel efficiency than you might think. Cutting wind resistance will not only save you some gas money but also increase your truck’s stability and lifespan. Another factor is rolling resistance. A wider tire makes for better weight distribution, which cuts down on drag as you pass over the ground. The final factor is your powertrain. Today’s engines are extremely sophisticated. Technology such as regenerative braking, alternative driving modes, and hybrid engines are extraordinarily efficient. In fact, the vast majority of today’s hybrid powertrains offer outstanding fuel efficiency and even more horsepower and torque than traditional gas-powered engines. 

Here at S&B Keswick, we take the fight against climate change seriously. As part of the automotive industry, we are aware of how important our role remains in reducing emissions, and our customers can count on the best resources to do this. S&B Keswick is proud to feature the 2022 Ram 1500 on our lot, the #2 most fuel-efficient truck on the market according to the EPA. If you’re in the market for a great pickup truck that delivers outstanding performance and efficiency, stop by today and speak with our team. We are your next step towards a world of zero-emissions driving!