Why Should You Use Synthetic Oil in Your Car?

Engine oil pouring in a car
Owning a vehicle comes with many responsibilities, one of which is to maintain it routinely to ensure proper functioning and condition. Part of regular auto maintenance includes an oil change that ensures the optimum performance of your car, as well as keeps all the important parts running for longer. When it comes to oil changes, many car owners wonder about the significance of synthetic oil over conventional ones. If you have the same question, follow along to learn why synthetic oil makes the perfect choice for your cars. 

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Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Conventional Oil?

Yes, synthetic oil is better for your vehicle compared to conventional oil. Though conventional motor oil also provides enough lubrication to the different engine components and other systems, it fails to compete with synthetic oil when it comes to overall engine performance. Moreover, conventional oil oxidizes and acidifies more easily and loses its protective qualities with time, affecting the longevity of the various components of a vehicle. On the other hand, synthetic oil better combats sludge, as well as protects the vehicle against high temperatures for maximum efficiency. 

Advantages of Synthetic Oil 

Synthetic oils are specially formulated to meet the needs of high-performing, contemporary engines. With its incredible qualities, it lasts longer and ensures your car engine performs at its best. Some of the impressive advantages of synthetic oil include:

  • Resists Oil Breakdowns
  • Reduce Engine Wear in Frigid Starting Conditions
  • Increased Engine Wear Protection
  • Provides Greater Protection at High Temperatures
  • Protects Your Engine Against Dirt/Deposit Buildup
  • Protects Turbocharger Engine Parts Better

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