How to Get Your Vehicle Prepared for the Upcoming Winter Season

An SUV moving on a snowy terrain
It’s finally that time of the year again when your car needs a little more preparation than usual to smoothly get through the chilly winter season. Preparing your vehicle for the upcoming cold days should be at the top of your to-do list to ensure top-tier safety on challenging roads and poor weather conditions. The expert technicians at S&B Keswick have come up with five top winter auto maintenance tips you must follow to get ready for the next few cold months of driving. 

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5 Winter Auto Maintenance Tips

1. Car battery inspection

You need to get your car’s battery tested to ensure it’s ready for the upcoming winter. If you notice signs like a warning light, dimming interior and exterior lights and difficulty starting the vehicle, it’s time you should get it replaced to avoid getting stranded far away from home on a freezing winter day. Also, don’t forget to add an extra layer of protection to the battery terminals with available silicone products or battery protectant sprays, as they become susceptible to rusting due to being moisture traps. 

2. Switch to winter tires 

Don’t rely on your all-season or summer tires to get you through snowy terrains; instead, swap to winter tires for more traction, control and stability. Winter tires have broad patterns and deep treads, which ensure maximum flexibility and off-road balance on slushy and slippery road surfaces. 

3. Get your car serviced

Along with your battery, you should get other electrical components of the powertrain system checked through service. For the best performance, make sure your vehicle’s brakes, belts, hoses, wires, air filters and spark plugs are in proper working condition. Get help from the technicians at S&B Keswick to make sure your vehicle is in top condition for the winter months.

4. Maintain the perfect tire pressure 

Check your tire pressure regularly and refill it as required to ensure maximum traction and control on challenging road surfaces. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual or get help from a technician to learn the right tire pressure to maintain during winter months for your vehicle. 

5. Check your car’s windshield wipers 

Windshield wipers help clear off melted snow from the windshield to enhance visibility on dreary and blurry roads during poor weather conditions. Replace your wipers if you start to notice smearing or uneven performance. And don’t forget to stock your car with extra gallons of winter windshield fluid for safe and smooth driving on cold winter days. 

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