10 Expert-Recommended Winter Safety Driving Tips from S&B Keswick Motors

A car on a snow covered road

Top Driving Tips to Remain Safe On The Road in Winter 

Driving is often one of the most challenging tasks that people have to take up in winter. Be it a professional driver or a rookie, getting through winter terrains gets tricky at many points, especially living in and around Ontario, where you can’t predict what may come your way on a cold day. To help you in these tricky times, the experts at S&B Keswick have come up with some tested road tips that will keep you safe and ahead on the road during Canadian winter. 

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To-Do List to Follow At The Start of Winter 

To remain safe while on the road, you must prepare ahead of time, especially before the winter season starts. For the same, here are a few things to keep in mind to enjoy the utmost safety and performance this winter season: 

  • Book a winter auto maintenance service
  • Get your car battery inspected by the experts
  • Switch to winter tires 
  • Prepare an emergency survival kit 

Top 10 Winter Safety Driving Tips

  1. Every time you plan to leave your home or workplace, make sure to check the road conditions at Ontario511. You can also find out where plows are on different roads or highways. 
  2. If the weather and/or road conditions are not favourable, delay your trip (if possible).
  3. Don’t forget to clear off accumulated snow from your car doors, windows, windshield, roof, side mirrors and lights for enhanced visibility. 
  4. Try to maintain a steady speed, and don’t overtake or change lanes unnecessarily. 
  5. Avoid quick acceleration, instant gear changes, and hard braking, as these can make you prone to accidents or collisions with other vehicles on the road. 
  6. Don’t overtake or drive near snowplows.
  7. Use the full lighting system of the vehicle so that you can see and be seen during dull and dark road/weather conditions. 
  8. Don’t use adaptive cruise control, as the system may delay braking response.
  9. Steer gently 
  10. Stay calm!

Winter driving can be tricky, but you can remain safe and still enjoy the optimum performance of your vehicle by staying calm and following the above safe driving tips. Also, it’s never too late to book a winter auto maintenance service, so call us at 844-966-0734 to find the best date and time slot for an auto service.