Jeep Wrangler Anti-Spin Rear Differential

2020 Jeep Wrangler

How Does The Anti-Spin Rear Differential Work In The Jeep Wrangler?

At S&B Keswick Jeep, we serve Keswick, Ontario, and the surrounding areas of Sutton, Bradford, Barrie and Aurora with the broadest selection of Jeeps and fabulous service after the sale. Our dealership offers an on-site parts and accessories store, a maintenance and repair department, and a financing department. We want you to understand why our vehicles top the list of available SUVs on the market, so we're explaining why the Jeep Wrangler's anti-spin differential rear axle makes it one of the safest vehicles for off-roading and rough weather.

What is the Jeep Wrangler anti-spin differential rear axle?

The term anti-spin differential rear axle refers to a mechanical device that maximizes rear wheel traction to create an even speed wheel roll when driving on slippery surfaces or unpaved trails. This device helps the Jeep Wrangler easily handle both city and highway driving as well as off-road terrain. It allows these Jeeps to hug the road in ice, snow, rain, sleet, and those other elements you probably associate with determined postal delivery personnel.

Why do you need an anti-spin differential rear axle?

The anti-spin differential rear axle improves SUV handling on all road surfaces. It adds to vehicle safety and handling during weather events since the device boosts traction and helps the vehicle handle all forms of precipitation on the driving surface.

Trac-Lok vs. Anti-Spin Differential Rear Axle Options

The difference between the Trac-Lok technology Jeep and the anti-spin rear differential rear axle Jeep boils down to whether it performs manually or automatically. The Trac-Lok technology also provides added traction for a Jeep's rear wheels, on-demand. Using its paired transfer case, the driver manually activates and deactivates its use. Conversely, the anti-spin differential rear axle performs its actions automatically, adjusting its rear-wheel spin rates to respond to road or trail conditions.

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