Oil Change Service in Keswick, ON

Oil changes are one of the most common reasons for drivers to take their vehicle in for service. This service is one of the easiest ways drivers can care for their vehicle’s engine system, and following an oil change schedule can help drivers keep their vehicle in great shape for years to come. Need to take your vehicle in for an oil change? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about oil change service at S&B Keswick Motors Limited.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

Oil changes are important because they protect your engine from damage. Engine oil lubricates the engine system’s mechanical components, ensuring they don’t wear down due to excess friction. They also protect the engine mechanisms from corrosive external contaminants, such as dirt, moisture and dust.

Unfortunately, engine oil doesn’t last forever. As engine oil ages, it loses viscosity and its ability to successfully lubricate or protect the engine. This is why it’s important for vehicle owners to take their vehicle in for routine oil change service, as driving with old oil will result in unnecessary engine damage over time.

How Often Should I Get My Vehicle’s Oil Changed?

While automotive experts often have different opinions regarding oil change schedules, it’s typically recommended that drivers get their oil changed every 3,000 to 5,000 milles, or every six months. It should be noted that these are guidelines intended for modern vehicles that are regularly used for city and highway driving.

Many factors can affect a vehicle’s recommended oil change schedule, including vehicle age, driving style, driving frequency, and engine oil quality. Further information regarding oil change scheduling should be included in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. Once you take your vehicle in for its first oil change, the technicians working on your vehicle will let you know when it will be due for its next service appointment.

What Happens If I Don’t Change My Oil?

Neglecting your vehicle’s need for an oil change can cause a variety of problems and complications that can be difficult to fix. Driving for extended periods of time without changing your oil can result in severe and potentially permanent engine damage. Without proper lubrication or protection from external contaminants, your engine’s performance will start to suffer. Over time, the moving components of your engine will start to degrade and eventually break down.

Vehicle owners will notice a drop in engine performance, overheating issues, and a reduction in fuel efficiency when driving with old engine oil. While these inconveniences are typically good enough reason for the average driver to take their vehicle in for an oil change, those who choose to continue driving may suffer a complete engine failure. This is difficult and costly to repair, which is why many drivers take their oil change intervals to heart.

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