Winter Tires

Winter Tires at S&B Keswick Motors Limited in Ontario

There are many debates over winter tires vs. all-season tires, as well as whether or not you need two sets of winter tires during the season. When the weather in Ontario becomes icy and hazardous, winter tires are a requirement for optimal performance and safety, according to S&B Keswick Motors Limited. You might think it’s easier to leave your all-season tires on all year, but if you don’t switch to snow tires, you’re endangering your vehicle, your security, and the protection of others around you. There’s a rationale why certain places, like British Columbia and Quebec, have mandatory winter tire seasons, and while Ontario doesn’t, they’re still important in our severe winter climate.

Winter Tire Features


Since winter tires have a greater elasticity compared to all-season tires, you'll have a better grip in freezing weather and be able to accelerate as quickly as usual. This is because the rubber in winter tires is softer, so when the rubber becomes harder in cold weather, it is not as rigid as summer or all-season tires. Also when you have traction control on your car, you'll have superior vehicle stability whenever you decide to accelerate.


The slits in the larger open tread blocks and grooves improve contact with the ground for outstanding grip, cutting through thick snow, ice, and rainy conditions. Its V-groove shape pushes snow and slush out of the way, so it doesn't clog up as much as other tire kinds this time of year.


Winter tires have soft treads that give the most braking force, allowing them to adhere to ice in freezing weather and come to a rapid stop. In the winter, abrupt stopping is even more challenging, and winter tires assist decrease the braking distance, reducing the risk of an accident.

When Should You Put on Winter Tires

Because we have snowfall and wintry road conditions for 6 months of the year in Georgina, it’s critical to have a pair of winter tires in addition to your usual summer tires. All-season tires don’t provide the same level of control and performance as winter tires, and traveling on sometimes icy Canadian roads means you and your vehicle require the finest possible quality. When the average temperatures drop below 7°C, it is advised that you convert to your winter tires. When the temperature climbs over that level, you may use this same measure to switch back to your summer tires and enjoy the nice weather.

Winter Tire Care

We have a few recommendations for you if you have snow tires or are thinking about obtaining them and want to be sure you’re taking good care of them.

Make sure you swap to or from winter tires at the right time. We said it above, but it’s so crucial that we’re saying it again. This will assist to prolong the life of your winter and summer or all-season tires, allowing you to get more years out of them without replacements due to excessive and needless wear. Make sure you examine your tires on a regular basis, especially the tire pressure. Check your vehicle owner’s handbook for the appropriate tire pressure level and maintain that pressure. While this may appear to be a minor detail, it may help you save money on gas and avoid the need for more frequent servicing or repairs.

It’s critical to get your wheels aligned once a year. We all know that driving in Georgina during the winter can be difficult on your car due to the bumps, compacted snow, ice, and debris you encounter, all of which can cause your vehicle’s balance to be thrown off. If your tires aren’t hitting the asphalt at a particular angle, they’ll wear down faster and cause rolling resistance. Be sure to get a wheel alignment if you notice your car dragging.

Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram operate with a variety of winter tire types and over 16 tire manufacturers, including Goodyear, Pirelli, and Bridgestone, so contact us here at S&B Keswick so we can obtain the finest tires for your car! We can only do so much to battle back against the harsh Georgina winter, and one of them is to make sure your car is outfitted with the right tires. Winter tires are available for purchase at our dealership, and our experts have the expertise and abilities to fit them for you!